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I heard a fair share of uncertainty before I left to Croatia for my next month-long destination, particularly that there isn't a where to go in Croatia in winter; as the entire country can be frozen over like a year-previous popsicle. Watch the controversial music video "Certifiable Fck Machine" by Baldspot Sunshine on his YouTube channel. The music video for "Certifiable Fuck Machine" by Baldspot Sunshine is now accessible on his YouTube channel. 1. If you're driving a Honda Match , Toyota Echo , or any other manner of small, compact, hatch-again or economy car, you shouldn't want 50 ft to again out of god damned parking spot. In case you are out cruising with your prime down, getting some sunshine on the baldspot of your mid-life-disaster-comb-over, do the velocity restrict, cease checking me out when I move you and go back to your wife.

We are actually, ACTUALLY hoping they can tell us something useful about Dewey's growing bald spot / scar tissue. It began out as just a little oblong spot about 1-1.5 inches in diameter and now it stretches all the way from ear to ear and continues to scab alongside the sides. Whereas rain steadily occurs all winter, there are additionally many days of sunshine, where the shoreline is crystal blue and beautiful; with moments within the sunshine that really feel like spring or even early summer.

I discovered during a really tense negotiation when my boss, who was pacing the room behind, interrupted me as I used to be making an essential level to say "Holy shit - Eskow has a bald spot!' I'm informed ladies don't care about bald spots - however then, I've been informed so much about what girls don't care about. Think about for a second that Dr. Alley's head is the Earth, together with his nose on the equator and the bald spot on top the North Pole. Dr. Alley's equatorial nostril and ear can be sunburned by the sun lamp, however his north-polar bald spot receives only a glancing blow from the solar's” rays and so wants no sunscreen.

I've a bald spot, and I am wondering if there is a solution to recover them or if it is too late and I'll at all times have a bald spot. Small doses of sunshine can naturally tan the skin of your scalp so that your scalp seems to be darker from the tan. Our chickens have gone by this a lot of times, and they all the time get new feathers in to switch various bald spots after they molt. I do know this is an previous put up, however I simply noticed a bald spot like this on one in every of my hens and I believed I would never discovered the reply till I stumbled upon Matt's comment here.

Whereas Portland's struggling the sort of torrential downpours we briefly obtain here in SoCal in mid-winter, we're having fun with a little bit of "Oregon sunshine." A leaden sky has been dropping mist, drizzle, and light-weight rain since early when I headed out on a experience to the Bridge on the hot rod end of Ballona Creek, I packed my rain cape in the pannier-in case the storm received a little more enthusiastic-and decided to see just how nicely my beloved wool would do underneath direct publicity to the rain.