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MEXICO CITY, Oct 22 - Hurricane Patricia wasgaining strength off Mexico's Pacific coast on Thursday and wasexpected to land as "an extremely dangerous major" storm near amajor shipping port and the tourist resort of Puerto Vallarta,the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

WASHINGTON, Oct 22 - U.S. home resales reboundedstrongly in September and new applications for unemploymentbenefits hovered around 42-year lows last week, pointing atsolid domestic fundamentals even as the global economy falters.

WASHINGTON, Oct 22 - The howler monkeys whoseguttural calls reverberate through Central and South Americanrainforests possess a secret that the males of the species mayprefer to be left unrevealed.

PRESEVO/BERKASOVO, Serbia, Oct 22 - Shams Dassuki,a 24-year-old from Damascus, wrapped a white blanket tightlyaround her young daughter against the cold rain as they reachedSerbia from Macedonia along with thousands of migrants movingWest.

Oct 22 - A man who was caught with counterfeitpoker chips at a tournament in an Atlantic City casino afterflushing $2.7 million worth of them down a hotel toilet wassentenced to five years in prison on Thursday.

JERUSALEM, Oct 22 - Space, the 'final frontier',is rapidly becoming an extra-terrestrial battleground forcorporate espionage and other types of cyber attack as hackersseek to gain commercial advantage from rival networks operatingin the $330-billion space economy.

WASHINGTON, Oct 22 - The U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency will formally issue carbon regulations forpower plants on Friday, opening the door to a wave of lawsuitsfrom states and industry groups.

Oct 22 - Highly religious Americans are lesslikely than others to believe their faith is at odds withscience, but when they do, the main sticking points areevolution and how the universe was created, according to a studyreleased on Thursday.

WASHINGTON, Oct 22 - U.S. home resales rose morethan expected in September to the second highest monthly salespace since February 2007, suggesting the housing marketcontinues to show strength compared to the rest of the economy.

VALLETTA, Oct 22 - European Central Bank PresidentMario Draghi said on Thursday monetary policy alone cannot solvethe euro zone's economic problems and called on member countriesto take additional actions alongside.