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Lets make it fun for you and the new member of your family"Your beautiful German Shepherd Puppy". Just follow the 5 simple and easy to apply steps listed below and youll have yourself a well balanced, loving and sociable dog in the future.

Step # 1: House Training. Your little puppy is just like a little baby meaning he will want to relieve himself regularly, usually around every 45 minutes or so... Your puppy will want to go to the toilet after drinking, sleeping, playing and especially if he is excited.

After hes had a drink take him outside and wait with him until he has done his business, he might go straight away or it could take some time, so be patient with him and try not to take him back in until hes done his business. If you take him in to early and let him do the deed inside, he will form the habit of waiting to back in and that will not be good for either of you.

The same goes for sleeping. After his nap just go through the cycle above, if you are going to play with him and get him excited then the best place to do it is outside as he will pee without any warning at all. Through constant repetition always try to take him to a designated place to do his business so that he gets a feel for where he should go. Associating him to the outside as the place to go to the toilet will eventually become the norm for him and soon you will find that he will whine, bark or scratch at the door when he does need to go.

Step # 2: Socialization. Any dog not properly socialized especially from a young age, becomes a liability to all he comes into contact with and its the owners duty of care to ensure that their dog is approachable and safe, not only for the dogs sake but for the owners and the general public also.

Socialization like all aspects of training is best done when the dog is young of around 12 weeks old. Socializing him is not difficult and can be fun for you and him. What we must not forget is that your dog, or any dog for that matter, no matter what the breed, essentially deep down, wants to be sociable as this offers him security.

It is imperative that he sees other humans as friends and not something he should be fearful of, so with that said, the easy way to socialize him would be to take him everywhere you go within the boundaries of limitation and let everyone you meet, touch, stroke and caress himHell love the attention.

Socialization should be a pleasant experience for him and one great trick is to carry a bag of his favorite treats with you and when you introduce him to other people, hand them one of his treats for them to give to him, this way he becomes accustomed to other peoples hands and sees them as something not to be fearful of. Introduce him to other animals, being mindful that the other animals you introduce him to are fit and healthyDo Not however try to introduce him to any dogs that are roaming free as an attack from such an animal will cause no amount of set backs.

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