Paint enamel interior finishing apple green isc no. 281 as per is: 5/07 to is: 133/04 along with additional requirements stipulated in icf specificati

Tenders are invited for Paint Enamel Interior Finishing Apple GreenIsc No. 281 As Per Is: 5/07 To Is: 133/04 Along With AdditionalRequirements Stipulated In Icf Specification No. Icf/Md/Spec. 052, IssueStatus 02, Rev. 01 Packed In 20 Ltrs. New Sound Non Returnable M. S.Drum To Is: 2552/89 Grade B -1.

Quantity: 554.00 Litre

Tender Doc. Cost (INR): 150.00

Bidding System: Single Bid System

Inspection Agency: Consignee

Payment Terms: As Per Irs Terms And Conditions.

Instructions/Remarks: This Item Is Reserved To Procure From Rdso Approved Source Only. Tenderers Should Submit A Copy Of Valid Rdso Approved Certificate For The Item Along With Their Offer , Failing Which Their Offer Is Liable To Be Passed Over.

Earnest Money (INR): 1.00

Tender Closing Date Time: 28/03/2014 11:30

Delivery Schedule: Full Qty After 01.05.2014 But Before 30.06.2014.

Tender documents : T21524971.html

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