How do I treat Formosan termites?

Locate the NestsTreat Formosan termite infestation by understanding the type of termite you are trying to eliminate. Formosan termites are considered subterranean termites and, therefore, regular fumigation efforts or using termite electrocution options will not work to eliminate Formosan termites. According to the University of California's Pest Management Program website, "The reproductives and nymphs are concentrated in nests near or below ground level in structures out of reach of these control methods.

Controlling Formosan TermitesControl the spread of Formosan termites by using liquid termiticide applications, repellent termiticides, as well as non-repellent termiticide measures to control these subterranean termites. The Virginia Cooperative Extension site suggests non-repellant termitcides are especially successful because, "termites cannot detect them in the soil ... therefore, the termites tunnel into the termiticide while foraging, contact the chemical, and die." Use baiting stations as another method for controlling Formosan termites. This method relies heavily on the termites, "finding and consuming sufficient bait," suggests the site,

Monitor Eradication EffectivenessMonitor your eradication efforts on a regular basis--every three to six months--in order to make certain the termites have not damaged your home further. Take preventive measures, such as removing damaged woods, sealing up possible entry points, as well as beginning Formosan termite control efforts by getting your house or building inspected by a professional insect-control expert.

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