new HD video Hindi - Blu-ray Films - Offering A Thrilling Expertise to the Viewers

new HD video Hindi

Blu-ray videos have an edge over the HD DVD movies. These can retail outlet and play the movies of up to 1080 pixels resolution.

Blue Ray Motion pictures attribute higher top quality videos and therefore supply an interesting encounter to the end users. The DVDs which are accessible nowadays do not support the large definition video files. One particular can not retail outlet more than two -3 videos in them. Therefore, the Blu-ray discs have an edge more than the DVDs simply because of their value-extra features. Furthermore, these are much more resistant to scratches and dust particles. Such videos can be encoded with a variety of codecs. A separate codec is utilized for every movie. The type of codec is made the decision by the studio or the firm that has produced the film.

The video formats which are supported by Blu-ray discs are MPEG-two, MPEG-four AVC, SMPTE VC-one, etc. The HD audio formats are supported by these products. On the other hand, it depends on the movie studios to determine the audio formats that has to be applied in the movie. Some of the popular formats are LPCM, DD, DTS-HD, and so forth. The large storage capability provides the alternative of which includes a great deal of special capabilities in the discs. Some of the attributes are menus, video graphics, summary, etc. These worth-added advantages bring lot of enjoyment to the viewers. One particular can right go to the menu method without having stopping the film. Also, the viewers can see the director of the film discussing the scene when it is currently being played in the background. They can also update the contents given in the film through web and download extras from different websites that present such facility.

The latest Blue Ray Motion pictures can be discovered from several spots. These contain film stores, super markets, CDs/DVDs shops and several other individuals. The on the web web sites also present the Blu-ray films to the viewers. A single can discover all the hit films on these portals at acceptable charges. A lot of revolutionary schemes and offers are also provided on these portals that tends to make buying much additional cost-powerful for the users. Some of the most up-to-date Blu-ray films are "The Orphanage", "Predator", "Juno", "1 Missed Contact", etc. The viewers can view them on their DVD players sitting in the household. These films can be downloaded from a quantity of websites like,, kingdom, and so on. One has to get himself registered with any of these web sites ahead of downloading the movie.

The newest Blu-ray movies discs have acquired massive response from the viewers around the world. Some of them have become so well-liked that they have been out of stock within few days of their launch. For example, "Mission Unattainable" was a movie that did not have extremely great product sales just before the release of its Blu-ray disc model. The new edition noticed a record sale and grew to become additional popular with passage of time.