Boex Company Germany

The organization location of Boex Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH also handles the export of employed garments. Even so, the huge greater part of business objects are used sneakers that Boex provides to Africa, Japanese Europe, Middle East and South The usa.

Who is staying guiding Boex?

The founder and CEO of Boex is Mr. Christian Müller, who is born in Frankfurt am Main. He operates the business (export of utilized sneakers) because 1996 and for the length of this time he has steadily expanded its repertoire in logistics and export. At that time commenced Mr. Mueller as 19 yr previous younger businessmen, who arrive from a loved ones of business people, to generate his group concept and bringing it to perfection.

He arrived with the spots of import and export in get in contact with by the creating business and recognized several contacts 1st in Jap Europe, and later on in Africa. Through the advancement firm arrived Mr. Mueller into certain speak to with Import and Export areas and established up numerous contacts to start with in Jap Europe, and later on in Africa. He was fanatic about the considered of exporting used textiles, especially used footwear to Africa and other distant factors of the earth.

Simply because he starting oft he previous century the cherished ones is also energetic in the adhering to fields:
-in setting up development and civil engineering
-in architecture
-in the lodge business
Which determination is driving Boex?
Previously for the length of the youthful a prolonged time Mr. Mueller has produced his diligence new and obligation. Thanks to his profound knowledge of English and French it was effortless for him to build intensive contacts to business associates from Africa and Jap Europe. „I’m quite delighted of the business relationship which by now are 10-fifteen a lot of several years old“, statements Mr. Mueller. To access new tips and customer demands managing director of Boex touring three-4 cases a yr to Africa, Jap Europe and other places for “Used shoes”. Apart from he can fulfill his curiosity for knowledge of worldwide cultures and frequently offer genuine and nearer method to his métier.

Germany collects heaps of utilized 2nd hand clothing and second hand footwear for Africa. Whilst talking about with pals, we understood that some prejudices are unavoidable. A number of concerns stand, like they were just emotion shy although Africans have to dress in second hand footwear and can not manage to get new sneakers in their region to encourage nearby economic climate. These and even more inquiries about the collection of next hand clothes and employed second hand footwear we have reviewed further in Element II.

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