7 Tips on choosing the correct vacuum for your house cleaning needs

Choosing a correct and reliable vacuum cleaner for your house cleaning needs is never an easy task! This is because there are so many types and models of vacuum cleaner in the market from different manufacturers with different specifications.
Luckily here we try to help you in deciding the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. Following are some of the tips that you need to take into considerations:

1. Cleaning purpose

You must know clearly why you need the vacuum! Do you use it for cleaning the pet hairs, carpet or hard floors, etc. Please note that different vacuum types have it own capabilities.

2. Price

People always concern about the machine price but it depend to the individual budget. If you have budget constraint, go for cheaper unit or even refurbished unit. Do remember of the replacement parts cost of the vacuum.

3. Reliable and powerful?

Go to the vacuum store and test it up. Also, you can read the customer reviews available in major online stores like Amazon or Walmart. Some models are specially designed for pet hair removal.

4. Vacuum weight

The lightweight cleaners are always a prefer choice. However, not all the reliable cleaner is lightweight. So test on how easy you can move the cleaner. The older or those that have back pain must take it seriously.

5. Filtration system

The industry always prefers the HEPA filter as it can capture up to 99.97% of the dusts and allergens.

6. Warranty periods

The longer the better. Some unit has warranty up to 7-year while most of the out there just one year.

7. Customer support

Before buy a vacuum, always call to the customer support team to see how helpful and knowledgeable they are as they may recommend some of the good unit for you. Also, if your cleaner having problem, you need help from them.

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