4G LTE Helio X10 MTK6795 64Bit - Xiaomi 4C Reviews

Xiaomi 4C is belong to Xiaomi brand which has caused a huge discuss recently. Xiaomi 4C is not only have larger screen but also have powerful performance.Now, I will give you some reviews about Xiaomi 4C.

Qualcomm processor 810, Android 5.0, run 4G memory, the screen must is 2K - screen, body memory 128G, full metal body, support optical zoom, optical image stabilization, hernia fill support, to further improve the night shooting results, 4G network Netcom support, support for fingerprint identification, the battery to increase capacity of more than 5000.Show more than other mobile phones, fast speed, light and easy to carry the best hand control, the quality is better than before, the camera is good, the day effect is good, at night, the battery life is good, heavy use, a day must be a red, charge fast.First appearance very good-looking, see fancy, how to see how like, Android 5.0 meters glaze, 808 Qualcomm processor performance worthy of recognition. Other good, mobile phone configuration remarkable, MIUI system experience is good, some of the icons of the effect can be comparable with Apple.

Xiaomi 4C have much more of functions than ever. I will often update to my blog about Xiaomi 4C. In the end, thank you view my blog!