Call us before you appoint a Liquidator

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If you live in the Hobart area and think you need to appoint a liquidator for your business then call us before you do. If you run a business that’s drowning in debt you need to know liquidation is not your only option. If your business fails you risk losing a lifetime of hard work and savings. It could also impact upon your personal savings and assets! At Liquidation Hobart we are business debt specialists. We specialise in helping you resolve your debt issues, avoid liquidation and get the best outcome fast! For a free consultation and a clear look at all your options call Liquidators Hobart on 1300 818 575.

CALL US 1300 818 575

 We pride ourselves on helping our clients with straight forward answers to their questions. If you have overwhelming debts, or are contemplating bankruptcy, liquidation, or just need general insolvency advice we are here to help you. We can act as your agent to help you achieve the best possible solution. Let us release you from all of the pressure you would normally endure during this difficult time.