Is Enrollment At A Flight Training School In Your Future?

Ready for something really different? Consider a career as a commercial pilot. Enroll in a flight training school and you could embark on a thrilling career. How? Show up at a flight training center in your region and take the first step.


Whether you’re just beginning the process of developing a professional career or are looking to reinvent your life, flight training school could be an interesting option. Pilots are in demand throughout the U.S. and the world, so by showing up at a flight training center you will not only kick start an exciting new phase of your life, you’ll be helping to alleviate a global pilot shortage and have a job waiting.


So what’s involved in aviation education? Commercial pilots have more stringent requirement than private pilots, so we’ll look specifically at education for commercial fixed wing pilots, those who go onto become commercial airline pilots.


Airlines require pilots to have a minimum of an associate’s degree, and often a bachelor’s degree, and to have attended a Part 141 flight school (schools with programs approved and monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration). Earning an aviation degree can take anywhere from a year and a half for an associate’s to four years for a bachelor’s. That education will include a minimum of 250 flight hours, or in flight training.


Pilots need a lot of training to be ready to take to the skies. Aviation courses typically include Commercial Aviation, Navigation, Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Safety, Law, Aircraft System and Components, Physiology and Crew Resource Management. These courses are in addition to their hands-on in-flight training.


Ready for a change? A career as a commercial pilot could certainly get things moving in a new direction for you.