How to create signature in Gmail Messages {Epassviewer}

How to create signature in Gmail Messages {Epassviewer}

Gmail service number a signature is a bit of text, like your contact information or a favorite quote, that’s automatically added at the end of Gmail messages you send. If you are using gmail you want add signature and face issue how to add signature you can contact customer service number and get hurry up solution let’s see how to add signature step by step.

1.     Open your computer & signup gmail account.

2.     At the top of right, click the setting icon.

3.     Select setting.

4.     Scroll down to the signature section and inter you new signature.

5.     Optional: Format your text using the buttons above the text box.

6.     At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.


If you want advance setting signature options computer (only) add image you can see here how to add signature image in gmail account.

A.      Go to the setting page

B.      Above the signature text box, click Insert image Insert.


You can use an image that's public on the web or an image from Google Drive. If you're using an image from the web, make sure that you're free to use the image.




Troubleshoot in Gmail account signatures


Extra characters were added:-If you notice extra characters such as * or > in your signature after you send messages, it's because some versions of Gmail don't support features like bolding or italics. For example, text you bolded in your signature might be marked with asterisks, so example would show as.


Signature is too long: - Most of the time, you can only use 10,000 characters in your signature.


No formatting options: - If you see “Plain Text” above the signature box and don’t have any formatting options while creating your signature, here’s how to fix the problem.


1. Click Compose.

2. Click more options more options drop-down arrow.

3. Deselect "Plain text mode."

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