What is the difference between competing as a team and competing individually? is it good to start competition at young age/

Competing as a team is usually less stressful for a child/adult than competing alone since responsibility for success or loss is shared by many people. It is important not to emphasize winning or losing but the effort made by young children when playing.

What I like about teams for a young person is that the most important aspect of being on a team are cooperation and social skills not just athletic skill. Competition at a young age depends on the individual person. If your child isn't happy with competing yet don't force him or her. Some people never wish to partake in competitive sports/dance/etc and that is perfectly okay.

Children need to experience some success and enjoyment in their sport in order to want to compete. Cooperative rather than competitive learning is highly emphasized in elementary schools in the primary grades. It helps to build children's confidence and understanding of a sport or other activity before placing them in real competition.

There are other ways to be very successful that don't involve stress and competition for instance appearing in dance or music recitals that don't involve winning or losing.

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