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Auto Insurance Quotes Comparisons - 3 Discounts to Save 50% Or More Not too long ago, the only way to buy insurance was via an insurance agent. All you needed was the cars vehicle information number (a unique identifier connected with a specific automobile), and you also might get a policy quickly - even over the new driver insurance telephone. Your only choice was if youd be dealing with a completely independent agent who represented several insurance carriers or perhaps a "captive" agent who only marketed insurance from one company. Where the problem really lies is knowing which insurance company to use and also this depends upon the quotes that are being offered through the various companies in your town. No doubt, you will want to select the company most abundant in affordable quotes. However, you wont be able to determine what insurance companies are charging on premiums for auto insurance unless you actually get out there must them for quotes. This is can be achieved either start by making messages or calls to everyone the companies locally or by utilizing websites online which are achieving this for folks. There are some firms that will allow you to exclude the teenager from the other cars but creates this change help or hurt in the long run. Take for example you have a 17 yr old boy who want to take your new Mustang for the high school graduation prom. Your son is attempting to impress his date and decides to race someone at a stop light then hits another car going 80 miles per hour. If you excluded your son from that vehicle there would be no coverage to the damage on the car, any bodily injury or property damage. This situation could end up costing you thousands of dollars with your own money. It really doesnt sound right to exclude a teenage driver out of your auto policy. Suppose you change lanes, and fail to notice how the lane into which youre moving is occupied by another driver. As a result, your car collides into her vehicle, causing damage to both. Normally, after your insurer will cover repairs, your rates will increase to reflect a whole new risk rating allotted to your policy. In some cases, an increased rating can plummet, sending your premiums from the proverbial roof. Free tools at no cost online automobile insurance quote can be found at independent quotes comparison website where prospective customers may have entry to multiple insurance rates inside of six minutes. The customer then fills out questionnaires which might be provided and within a few minutes you will end up furnished with results.