If someone on food stamps gets $300 and someone writes off $1000. a month itemized deductions are both welfare?

You are just coming around to the fact that this nations tax structure is DESIGNED for business. Congratulations.

There is one glaring difference though... the business person DOES PAY NET TAXES. The welfare recipient does not.

So no... even as a liberal there is no way to equate the two. There is nothing WRONG with having both.... but they are not equivalent.

And think about WHY the deductions exist. If a business buy TEN new trucks.... should they have to do so with AFTER tax funds?? They pay corporate income tax, their shareholders pay tax on dividends, their employees pay taxes on all wages, and they pay capital gains on long term investments. They also pay sales tax on retail items purchased... like all of those trucks I mentioned.

How many more ways to tax business do you suggest??