Reasons why you should Consider Woodfield Country Club

If you're searching to transfer to the area of Boca Raton, Florida, there are several available options to you on the subject of housing. Many country clubs and developments are offered as housing options. Country clubs will offer the exclusive benefits and privileges that standard housing cannot. If you're serious about country club living, one great option will be the Woodfield Country Club community.

About Woodfield Hunt Country Club

The Woodfield country club started almost 30 years ago and from now on has over 300 single family houses. The homes are divided by 50 percent separate communities known as Hunt I and Hunt II. Both communities use a very warm and friendly theme. Over 90% of the united states club residents reside at their houses anytime. It isn't a vacation getaway for the majority of residents, rather a lasting home. This sort of community provides residents which has a close relationship because of their neighbors along with other country club members. The club itself is located minutes far from schools, shops, restaurants, and a lot of other various entertainment centers within the capital of scotland- Boca Raton, Florida.

Housing Options

Woodfield Hunt community gives a a few different housing alternatives for potential residents. Every unit can be a single home. They vary in cost from $750,000 to over $1 million. Houses are available in three, four, and five bedroom layouts with multiple bathrooms. The average overall dimensions of the homes is approximately 4,500 square centimeter. Numerous choices like far as the size of the backyard, garage, and pools. There are enough different types of houses offered to meet the requirements associated with a potential family seeking a new property.


The Woodfield Hunt country club never provides any reason to become bored. Situated on the club grounds are exclusive features including tennis and basketball courts, clubhouse, and children's playground. There are many events and activities planned for residents who want to socialize all year long at the same time. The landscape offers many different alternatives for activities also. There are multiple paths and sidewalks to steer or jog along. The club's multiple lakes also provide a terrific setting for relaxation or swimming and boating.


One main benefit from surviving in any gated community like Woodfield Hunt would be the added security in place to protect your family. The whole community is safe by a large gate with manned entrances because sole method to get access Around the clock. All of the individual homes also features a sophisticated alarm system which is under constant surveillance. Together with these features you will find a growing force of officers on patrol 24 / 7 for fast assistance in the event of a crisis.

When thinking about Boca Raton homes, every one of these benefits are major reasons to consider a property inside the Woodfield Hunt country club. Using a luxury home inside the same community to be a fitness center, basketball and tennis courts, along with a custom security force guarantees you have everything you need readily available.

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