Stockholm Sight Seeing - Several Aspects For Consideration

Touring and traveling could be the favorite hobby of thousands of people. The natural sequel to tours and travels is visiting exotic locations inside the destination country. Learning some aspects for consideration in Stockholm sightseeing could seriously help planning the itinerary perfectly for your travelers.

Lovers of tourism will forever prefer not missing by far the most desirable locations on the planet. Upon the south central east coasts of Sweden where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is spread over 14 islands that constitute the Stockholm archipelago. Parks and green spaces constitute 30% from the city area while another 30% is protected by water. Stockholm was awarded the title of first European Green Capital through the European Commission last year while offering much for visitors who will be on Stockholm sightseeing.

Climatic Conditions

Tourists and travelers should be in readiness meeting the weather conditions into their destination city. Climate in Stockholm is humid continental. Daylight varies widely more than 18 hours over the summer and reduces right down to around Six hours in winter. While summers are warm and pleasant with temperature varying from 20-20 Celsius the winters are cold at -50 to 10 Celsius.

Architectural Excellence

Large German Church or Tyska Kyrkan, mansions, Riddrhuset or House of Nobility, Bonde Palace, Tessin Palace and OXenstierna Palace are probably the classical buildings in Stockholm. Riddarholmskyrkan may be the oldest building in Stockholm featuring its origin inside 13th century.

Baroque style Stockholm palace replaced the structure in 1697. Storkyrkan Cathedral, which is the Episcopal seat on the Bishp of Stockholm stands next to this castle. Smaller buildings of great architectural designs are located in Sodermalm. Public buildings just like the Royal Swedish Opera and luxury housing developments at Strandvagen count visiting too.

Twentieth century Structures

Inspired by new architectural styles inside the 20th century and renaissance the Jugend/Art Nouveau style led to advance of the Stockholm City Hall that had been erected in 1911-23. Other structures of note and price visiting are Stockholm Public Library and also the Forest cemetery, Skogskyrkogarden. Like Lisbon sightseeing many new and excellent structures is seen on trip to Stockholm.

Other Major Attractions

Hagga Park is just about the best locations for walking, shopping or going to a museum. Kakanstornet Television Tower provides great photos of Stockholm and it's the tallest structure in entire Scandanavia. Vasmuseet is a good museum while Skansen has multiple historical monuments. Birka was the foundation location of famous Vikings and Storkykan can be a beautiful church in Gamla Stan. For final relaxation, the itinerary will finish with the Humlgardens parklek.

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