Bag’s maintenance in daily life

Sometimes we should say that bag is just our good partner when we need them everyday. Now wholesale supplier of bag in China could tell us some little tips for the usual maintenance in our daily life for the bags. Here we can talk about them together.


Bags are another form of the active substance like shoes, using the same bag every day, it is likely to cause an elastic cortical fatigue, so like shoes, as well several interactive use; purses if not carefully wet, can first with a dry towel dry moisture, which then stuffed some newspapers, magazines and the like to dry, do not direct exposure to the sun, that would make you beloved bag fade, deformation like China high-grade canvas printing bag. Attentive care may also become bad-intentioned, maintenance leather, too, if mistakenly spend textured cleaners, powdered detergents or organic cleaning solution, etc., will cause varying degrees of damage to the leather.


Next time, when you came to China traditional embroidery bags wholesale for the shopping of various bags, I believe you will get the points for bag’s maintenance.