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"We're able to do cesareansections, if we need to do cesarean sections. General surgeries like laparotomies, we even do head surgeries," said Dr. Fredrick Sawe, Kericho Nursing Home Hospital.

Dr. Fredrick Sawe runs the Kericho Nursing Home Hospital in Kericho, Kenya.

"Our passion was to develop a small hospital that provides quality care at very affordable rates," said Dr. Sawe.

One reason why Dr. Sawe can provide affordable rates is found right here in Southwest Missouri, and his name is Robert Schuchmann. He's a general electric engineer who installs equipment at Mercy hospitals.

"I don't even know for sure how he got my name," said Robert Schuchmann, supporting Kericho Nursing Home Hospital.

That was 10 years ago. Schuchmann has since collaborated with Mercy Hospital's radiology supply manager.

"If I would provide him with a list, such as this, that they would see if there were things that would match up to the list that the hospital needed, so that's what I gave him," said Schuchmann.

Giving the hospital good equipment at no cost.

"Now for example, we have beds. Really nice beds that they can go up, they can come down, you can raise the feet, you can raise the head. Before that, we just had a flat bed like a dining table and you couldn't do much on it," said Schuchmann.

Schuchmann also travels to Kericho every year to make any needed repairs on the hospital's equipment.

"I know I'm doing something good, and there's no expectations other than come do what you can and we're grateful for anything you do," Schuchmann explained.

"It's a God sent opportunity. I think it's close to a miracle," said Dr. Sawe.

During this visit, Mercy Hospital will donate more items to Dr. Sawe. They will be shipped by cargo to Kenya, which will take about three months. There are still many things the Kericho hospital is in need of from infant incubators to an endoscope to help cancer patients.

The list includes a portable X-ray, endoscopy machine, oxygen concentrators. pediatric incubators, ECG machines, patient monitors, pulse oximeters, defibrillator, and suction machines, medicine trolley, infusion pumps, baby warmers, linen wash and drying machine, electric microscopes, lab centrifuge machines, slide driers.

Also, being much needed is oxygen gauge and flow meters, OR tables, OR instruments, and portable ultrasound, stethoscopes, nebulisers, walking frames/aids, digital BP machines and thermometers, weighing scales, serving food trolleys, electric beds, photocopy machines, computers, chemistry analyzer, and a haematology analyser. Also, autoclaving drums, first aid box, autoclave machine, office chairs, water distiller machine, Narkomed 2B vaporizers, blood pressure cuffs, sphygmomanometer.

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