'I Would Way Rather Not Have Middle Ground'Scarlett Johansson Source

Two of Hollywood's most bankable stars have taken to social media to speak candidly about body image. Celebrities such as vegan Scarlett Johansson and Paleo diet program fan Kristin Cavallari have touted breastfeeding as a weight loss secret. Forbes compiled its annual list of the most effective celebrities from the worlds of sports, tv, music and books by estimating pre-tax earnings from June 1, 2014 to June, 1 2015. Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson, No. 65 with $35.five million, are the only two film actresses to make the 100 list, compared to 14 male movie stars. Johansson, 30, followed suit with a comparable post expressing her concern more than the flawed sense of beauty young girls have thanks to the heavy use of Photoshop and video editing that takes place in Hollywood.

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Prior to this warning, Evans claimed to have been instructed to hack the phones of the former property secretary Charles Clarke, two unnamed MPs and a politician's wife. He was handed a ten month suspended prison sentence final July following striking a deal with the Crown Prosecution Service in which he agreed to cooperate with the telephone what's Scarlett Johansson phone number hacking investigation in the hope of obtaining a decreased sentence for his personal part. In proof to the Old Bailey telephone hacking trial, he mentioned it set him up for a job as the News Of The World's pet phone hacker”.

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