How Did Punta Cana Get So Popular?

Punta Cana, located on the eastern side coast of your Dominican Republic, has grown to be around the world famous like a stunning spectacular vacation paradise with magnificent, eco-stylish, importance-valued, accommodations. In fact, voyage punta cana janvier 2016 has now get to be the #1 vacationer destination in the overall Caribbean -- and also this amazing improvement has transpired over just 28 yrs! This news is claimed in most of the popular travel periodicals and journey websites. I wish for you to know that the stat is dependant on Actual details, not merely marketing hoopla. The statistics are compiled with the Caribbean Tourist Business, a no-profit which will keep close up tabs on 29 countries around the world inside the Caribbean Region.

Listed below, I will talk about this information in more detail. My talk will center across the details unveiled in 2010 because the Caribbean Travel and leisure Organization has not yet nevertheless printed the Dec stats for 2011 so there is not even a complete information looking for that 12 months. However, if you study the data available for the first 11 months of 2011, the overall trends remain the same.

The Dominican Republic obtained more no-citizen air-port arrivals than almost every other nation in the Caribbean, effortlessly beating out Cuba, the second most widely used tourist location. The following is a simple reference point collection so that you can observe the leading 10 Caribbean places in addition to the total amount claimed for low-occupant airport terminal arrivals:

voyage à Punta Cana

1. Dominican Republic - 4,124,543

2. Cuba - 2,531,745

3. Cancun Mexico - 2,106,485

4. Jamaica - 1,921,678

5. Puerto Rico - 1,369,814

6. The Bahamas - 1,368,053

7. Aruba - 825,451

8. The US Virgin Small islands - 691,194

9. Martinique - 476,492

10. Saint. Maartin - 443,136

Now, let's crack these data downward even more into Western journey, US Us vacation, and Canadian vacation. Europeans choose the Dominican Republic overwhelmingly as his or her #1 favorite Caribbean holiday place. Their up coming favored is Cuba. The Usa includes a close 4 way race between CancunJamaica and Mexico, Puerto Rico, and also the Dominican Republic. Cancun ends out of the other 3 nevertheless the Dominican Republic obtained 6.8Per cent within just 1 year and also this trend is continuing. Punta Cana has become the Top destination in the Dominican Republic for US People in america, replacing Puerto voyage punta cana avis around the to the north coastline, which had been Top. Canadians also seem to enjoy the Dominican Republic, specially Punta Cana, choosing it their second favored Caribbean trip location soon after Cuba. Please note that United States Of America inhabitants are not allowed to vacation to Cuba.