The way to get More Twitter followers

Twitter emphasises the amount of followers you might have. Emblazoned in your Twitter profile will be the amount of times you've Tweeted, the volume of people you follow as well as the number of individuals following you. It is like some badge of honour, that raw numbers mean something important.

Naturally, the volume of followers you may have is essentially unimportant. You might have a thousand followers, but when not one of them communicate with you, if do not require do just about anything resulting from your Tweets or maybe not one of them buy anything in case you are operational, is there a point? But you may have just 10 followers who all interacted and who all were loyal customers.

Having said that, people are keen to obtain additional followers - as the whole Twitter setup emphasises the challenge. People feel somewhat undervalued if their friends have more followers than they can muster. Equally, business owners get into competitive situations, looking for more followers than their rivals.

There exists an abundance of myth on how to read more followers, plus some cranky, underhand techniques which increase your follower number, but little else. Now, for the first time, a long-term study has considered the development of Twitter followers after a while in than 500 users and half a million Tweets.

The analysis confirms you gain followers when - surprise, surprise - you're social. Yes its true, hold conversations, talk with people and also you instantly appear more intriguing and therefore almost certainly going to be followed.

The study also demonstrates three considerations to AVOID if you need to gain followers.

Avoid the crooks to gain Twitter followers

Surprising as it can seem, hashtags are negative influencers of follower growth - especially if you use them commercially the sake of them, or you have used them excessively
Twitter is usually stuffed with negative things, like complaints or criticism. But negativity makes you less attracting others, which means you won't increase your follower count
Self focus
Mention yourself a lot the ones wouldn't like to follow you
Do those to acquire more Twitter followers

Should you have lots of @replies within your Twitter stream, you will get more followers
Be appropriate
Provide valuable information containing a URL to original content. This can be significant as it encourages "retweeting" and this is linked to increased follower counts.
Show your region
People want to follow people nearby. When you show where you are, you will get more followers
Overall, the study demonstrates one over-arching principle:

Write positive, useful Tweets, that have links to informative internet pages and reply to people that retweet you.

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