i didn't think you'd be there, but then you were

i met you; it was overwhelming it was yor presence, even nights stalking your social media wasn't enough preparation for that. you stood rooted in confidence because you knew who you were and i've seen those comments, they all say you've got "it." but so what, you're a pretty picture, i can walk away from that anyday cause you don'y phase me.

i was so sure of it, but then you spoke. my ears heard nothing as my eyes, captivated and fully enthralled, concentrated on that decided movement your jaw did so well. and your lips,well... i was captivated.

let's tune into your words, i had to pull away from that strong ambience and in a wave your tone reached me, almost like angels mumbling. it might have been the words or the smile you threw, whichever it as i was dazed. are you aware as to what that smile can do though?

home i went, numb; in a trance. what happened? i met you.