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Top 4 Suggestions to Increase Your Social Shares

Social signals will be in the spotlight since 2010, when Search results Land's Danny Sullivan first blogged about them. Shortly thereafter, Steve Cutts confirmed in the video that Google does consider these signals.

This would come as no surprise. Social signals, like backlinks, present an objective vote of confidence for any specific page or resource. It's unlikely that social signals have surpassed backlinks in importance, only one thing is clear: it's really no longer safe to ignore them.

There several social signals in particular that you should monitor: Facebook likes to your pages and groups, Twitter followers related to your brand, tweets that mention your brand, Google+ Circles, and +1s.

These will change over time as social networking sites come and go, but as a general rule of thumb, you want a strong presence on all the major social sites. youtube views

Much has been created of the fact that social media sites make use of the "nofollow" attribute, but Google still counts these in terms of tracking social status. Put simply, a social share is still an endorsement even when it does not directly affect SEO.

Think of it this way: a brand with lots of social media shares is likely to have strong brand loyalty. This really is something of a "chicken and also the egg" scenario in which a brand with mediocre SEO though a strong social following can still rank.

The reasoning behind this is that a brand having a large following may have good conversion rates, repeat customers, positive reviews and referrals. These 4 elements indicate that the brand's SEO will improve over time, and so Google can provide them the benefit of the doubt for a while.

There are things you can do now to cultivate social signals.

Start a Company Blog

A company blog is essential in your success. A blog offers you a great reason to create regular, original unique content, and it allows you to connect to your fans over a day-to-day basis.
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Additionally, an organization blog gives you a space from which you can inform your own story. This really is essential in the event you are hit with a negative SEO or smear campaign. Naturally, additionally it is great for SEO on its own.

You can use Facebook's comments API to get in touch your blog directly so that comments on your blog can look on the social network too. This is a cinch to set up if you use WordPress.

Create Social media marketing Pages

As mentioned, you need to have social media pages on all of the major sites, however you should also create pages on specialized sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
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These more niche sites will help increase your Web floor, so to speak, and they will build brand credibility. If the budget allows for it, you might like to hire a social media manager to manage these accounts for you.


You ought to strive to share data in one network to another whenever possible. For instance, don't just share images on Pinterest; share them on Facebook also. Twitter is great for sharing information, try not to hold back from your LinkedIn groups either.