Does anyone know anything about IBC Web Design?

I got a job offer too. I had applied to an ad on Career Builder and then I was immediately offered a job. Something did not seem right. It seemed very odd that I was being offered a job without even a phone interview first.

However, the paperwork for the job did look legitimate and their website was well designed. Anyway, I wanted to be safe, so I contacted the Jersey Shore Police and they told me that something seemed suspicious. In Jersey Shore, rr4 for an address is no longer used. Furthermore, when I talked to Melissa DeLuca, she had a strong accent and the connection was not clear. It definitely seemed like an overseas phone call. A few hours ago, I did some more research and found Leon Ellman, the supposed president's name on the paperwork, as the founder of International Bedding Corporation. I guess that is where they get the IBC. I am so grateful that I didn't fall for this and give my current employer a two week notice!