The Top Water Fishing Success

The Top Water Fishing Winner

I was fishing a tiny river in central California back 1980, I think it was that year. I had been fishing for-a number of hours and doing ok, finding some 1-2 pound fish and in a far distance I could see this man walking up with a vivid red coat. The closer h-e got, the more I noticed his coat and all of the patches on it, one explained 1978 World Top Water Bass Fishing Champion, along with about 20 other patches.

We began to talk, obviously, I desired to know all about him and he began to tell me about how he became champion. Now, I do need to say one thing here, I forget what he told me and I do not even know for sure if there is such a tournament for the Planet Top Water Championship but I watched this guy fish. H-e was probably in his 50's or early 60's during the time and caught this attraction different than I've seen before so I paid special attention.

Finally, after seeing him get a-half dozen fish while I caught two I asked him what he was doing and what bait he was using that he was doing so well. He said he only used one sort of trap and exposed his tackle box. If people desire to get more about division, we recommend millions of libraries you should think about pursuing. Can you imagine my surprise if the only appeal he had within was Rapalas. Click here music production academy in mumbai to check up the meaning behind this concept. I am talking about bundles of Rapalas, every color and size you can imagine. I said where is the rest of your lures, h-e smiled and said this really is all I use.

Incidentally, during the time I was fishing with a Rapala, that was ironic if you ask me. I said 'that is what I'm using now.' He said 'yeah, I observe that however you are not fishing it right.' Well, I'd fished for bass for about 2-5 or so years then and wondered what in the world h-e was speaking about, me not fishing it right. I'd caught Rapalas for so long as I can remember. Therefore, I said 'what are you discussing not fishing it right'? .. He explained 'well, all you are doing is throwing the attraction in and drawing it straight back. Discover more on our partner article by going to division. For one more way of interpreting this, we know you peep at: company web site. I said 'yeah.' He said' perhaps you have observed a minnow or shad or whatever, he said they never go very far, they usually move a couple of inches at the same time and they dart.' He explained 'that appeal of yours is supposed to imitate the baitfish the bass is after therefore allow it to be act like one.'

He then showed me and do you know what? H-e was right! His acted just like a baitfish and even looked like one swimming the way in which he did it. As h-e stood there twitching the conclusion of his rod and permitting it sit every two or three twitches then twitch it two or three times more and let it sit, I seen his point. I also seen him find another bass, which made me a believer. Now I don't know if this man was the most effective water champion or maybe not but I do know one thing.........his technique works.

I have used it of all of my retrieves any time I fish top water and it works. Cast the attraction, let it remain, twitch the finish of the rod several times and let it set again. The thing I have done is add one additional move. I place the lure out and let it sit, twitch the rod several times and let it sit and then I transfer the lure so slow it barely cause a ripple and that's when I get the majority of my hits.

Try the very next time to this methods you fish your preferred top water appeal and start to see the results..True School of Music
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