"The Amazing Race": Teams get lucky in Thailand

Pro snowboarders Andy Finch, left, and Tommy Czeschin on "The Amazing Race."


(CBS) Sunday night's leg of "The Amazing Race" took teams from Indonesia to Thailand, but a crucial mistake while booking travel sent the top two teams to the back of the pack.

So, were adventurers Laurence and Zac and pro snowboarders Andy and Tommy able to make up for lost time? (Spoiler alert!)

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It didn't look good when those two teams booked travel from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to Jakarta without booking a connecting flight from Jakarta to Phuket, Thailand, as all the other teams did. That meant the Jakarta-Phuket flight was full by the time they tried to book, and had to fly to Bangkok before heading to Phuket (a city that many of the teams were unable to pronounce. Note: The first syllable shouldn't sound like a hockey puck). That put them an hour behind everyone else.

But they had luck on their side. The pier that held their next clue was closed until the next morning, giving all the teams a clean slate.

The Detour was a choice between constructing a nursery for baby coral or lining up beach chairs and umbrellas on a Phuket beach. Andy and Tommy breezed through the coral challenge, but others struggled with the water's strong current. On shore, twins Liz and Marie whined and cried as they tried to find the beach chairs with their designated sticker and struggled to keep their umbrellas from falling over.

Teams then had to travel by boat to a small island, where one member had to climb a rock wall and reach a bird's nest. After that Road Block, they had to travel to a floating village, the site of the leg's Pit Stop.

Andy and Tommy once again came in first place, while twins Liz and Marie were never able to make up the time they lost during the Detour. They knew they were the last to arrive and were prepared to go home, but host Phil Keoghan informed them that this was a non-elimination leg of the Race and they were still in the game. However, they will have to perform a Speed Bump during the next leg.

Next week, the teams continue through Thailand as they head to Bangkok.

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