How to Get Into Medical School

So you want an admission to med school? Well, use over 40,000 others. According to Wikipedia, 42,742 people placed on medical schools in the US for 2010 and just 18,665 matriculated. This results in less than 44% of total applicants who have been able to make it towards the starting class of 2011. And remember, these applicants are the top students.

First, don't freak out! Yes the brand new MCAT is often more challenging as opposed to old MCAT, however challenges are opportunities for growth. Somehow many pre-medical students remain uninformed in regards to the absolute requirements for entrance into medical school. They believe they must start the race to acquire all the science course requirements "out from the way" ahead of the junior year. This is not so. You may complete such requirements, like the MCAT, during you senior year, or perhaps after graduation when the stress relents.

Although every school of medicine is slightly different, generally, the first year (M1), is spent understading about terminology, basic biology and basic medical sciences. You will learn anatomy, bone structure, cell structure, disease theory and much more. This year consists of intense memorization skills. At the end of in 2010, an exam is taken. Failure of the exam may expel you from medical school.

When you are in the difficult situation that will require administering emergency procedures, you will be helpless if you actually do not get sound advice and how to help. A CPR training and certification would be the most important thing that you need to have before performing CPR to a individual. It is recommended that you have a good education from your known training institution to be sure that you are capable enough to perform such process.

The second mission can be a direct be a consequence of the BRAC called the Medical Education and Training Campuses. In military terms it'll be referred to as the Medical Education Training Command. Existing medical training campuses will probably be consolidating to San Antonio. This will be made up of the next; The Great Lakes Naval Station, Sheppard Air Base, San Diego Navy Medical Center, Walter Reed Training Center along with the Portsmouth Navy Medical Center.