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Guess whats new at PY? Reflexology! (But you probably guessed that from the title of this post, right?)

Parallel Yoga is super excited to be providing our current (and future!) clients with reflexology treatments by certified reflexologist Martia Bersaglio. If youve already experienced the amazing results that come from this ancient practice, then we know youre excited, too.But if you havent? Youre about to board the train to better health and well-beingand you can thank your feet. (Or maybe your reflexologist.)

Here are some questions you might have about reflexology:

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient practice that focuses on holistic health. It promotes all kinds of increased wellness, including relaxation, improved circulation, increased energy, and more. The theory is that every little spot on your feet directly corresponds to another part on your body. Everythings connected! When these areas are stimulated through acupressure massage (reflexology), the receiver can benefit from the results.

Foot reflexology

Why Would I Want to Try This?

Its commonly sought out by people who suffer from digestive distress, headaches and migraines, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalances, and joint pain. In fact, a 2012 double-blind clinical trial involving the effects of reflexology on chronic low back pain in nurses, found that pain was significantly improved in the group that received the reflexology treatments, compared to the group who received non-specific massage.

Several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Studies also show that reflexology may have benefits in palliative care of people with cancer. -The Mayo Clinic

What Should I Expect During and After Treatment?

Although immediate effects of a reflexology treatment can be similar to a detox program (feeling tired, overly emotional, and in some cases nauseous), long term effects include the following:

RelaxationCalmnessDecreased aches and painImproved sleepImproved bowel functionsRegulated hormone functions

So if any of the above sounds good to you, we think you should try it. Just like yoga, its impossible to understand how fantastic this type of treatment program can be for you unless you dive in and experience it for yourself. Have you EVER heard anyone mention that yoga didnt help them in some way?No wayand the same is true for reflexology.

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Namaste, friends!