He said he was finding

She felt it was obvious Tesco had no intention of regenerating the town centre as the traders there were competitors.She said that, now Tesco owned the town centre, she would be paying thousands of s in rent and rates to a company that was putting them out of business'.Patrick Clarkson asked Mrs Brand if the new Tesco would sell blinds.She agreed that Tesco did not plan to sell blinds at the moment but she was not sure that would always be the case.She said her shop was on the site of a planned walkway and would not be there if the development went ahead.Mr Clarkson later sought clarification on this for Mrs Brand and said displaced businesses would be offered the chance to relocate to Cheap Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins  another area of the development.Following that exchange, Jason Keen, proprietor of a family-run card shop in Kirkby town centre, addressed the Inquiry.

He said the spread of superstores across the UK had pushed small businesses out and created deserted town centres. He thought this would happen in Kirkby.[page]He said this would lead to the extinction of manufacturers and suppliers. He said the integrity of our villages and towns are at stake'.He declared that the regeneration of the town centre was the stated aim of this development, and this should be phase one not phase four of the plans.He said he thought this was about the council using a green field site to allow Tesco to gain a foothold in the area. He said the plans should conform to the UDP. He said they had paid a king's ransom' in rent and rates over the years for which they had received little gain. He said they had often reconsidered their future in Kirkby but a responsibility for loyal staff and a long association with Kirkby has made them stay.But he said this proposal had dealt them a hammer blow' which he thought they would not be able to recover from.

He said he was finding it difficult to renegotiate his lease with Tesco.He said he felt this was an undisguised attempt to create a monopoly - the driving forces were power and greed that would eliminate small businesses and staff.He said the concrete monolith' south of Cherryfield Drive would be a deterrent to people using the town centre. He said the product range would be limited to  Buy Fifa 16 PS4 Coins what Tesco wanted to stock.He said the green spaces in Kirkby were expertly managed by KMBC but these would be lost to Tesco.