Understanding the Different Types of Land Surveys

Not everyone needs a land survey, but they should understand that various types exist when they do need one. In essence, a survey measures the borders of a property or defines other aspects. When asking a property surveyor in Moose Jaw to do a job, you need to know which kind of survey to request. 

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey does exactly what the title implies: it surveys the boundaries of the property. The surveyor will review recorded markers and include new landmarks to establish where the boundaries lie on a property. He will mark the corners of the property, using pipes, concrete monuments or iron rods to set as border markers. 

This type of survey may be used when a person sells a property or when previous landmarks have been destroyed and it is imperative to establish the current lines of the property. In the past, less permanent structures such as trees might be used to mark a border. When they were demolished, people often were not certain where the boundary lines were. 

Mortgage Surveys

Mortgage surveys are similar to boundary surveys in the fact that they establish borders for a property. They are used when someone is selling a property and may be required by lenders or title companies if the borders are not certain. 

These surveys also determine if buildings or other structures are encroaching on the property. They will also determine if the buildings and other structures that are on the property meet any required codes. 
Some people assume that an inspection of a property is the same thing as a survey. While it may include some of the same aspects, it isn’t a true survey nor does it follow any established regulations regarding surveys. 

Topographic Surveys

A surveyor may be asked to perform this type of survey to locate natural features, such as trees, streams, lakes or caves. A topographical survey may also locate man-made features, such as buildings or improvements made to the property. 

Architects or engineers may require this survey before beginning a project. While topographical surveys are most often seen in construction or other industries, it is helpful to know about them even if you need a survey for a residential purpose. 

These are the most common types of surveys for the general population. They are only a small percentage of the surveys available, but they make up the majority of requests for land surveying services in Moose Jaw and other areas. 

If you are unsure of what survey to request, you can tell the surveyor why you need one done, and he can let you know which option is the one for your requirements. For example, a boundary survey and mortgage survey will provide some of the same results, but one may not replace the other in specific circumstances. 

Work with a land surveyor who is knowledgeable about your area and one you can trust to ensure you are confident with the final results.

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