I just do not get it...I am just sitting here listening to "Knock, Knock" by GZA and I assume it simply really hit me - an excessive amount of of rap is just rappers rapping about how good they rap. "Heaven meant lots so Jesus Christ had to struggle; he had to undergo," Johnson said. Leasing a beat from a music producer give your the non exclusive rights to using this hip hop instrumental. Not each artist can afford the high prices of exclusive rights beats and may only need the beat for a hip hop mixtape or free Ep. Leasing a beat is healthier for those who are attempting get a foot within the door in the music trade by lease hip hop instrumentals you might a whole high quality mixtape performed for about a $a hundred.

The suppose w/ me is I don't give a fk what u rapping about(aslong as it aint no gay st or beastility or having s3x w/ children) aslong as you PUT UR ALL into ur music..u put creativity in ur music..u put feelings into music..to me that's what music is all about interval.. You do not hear about country singers singing about there tha best..however u hear nation singers singing about struggles or love n damn near every song..which got here from Blues music..u do not query blues artist singing about exhausting occasions in tha delta do you?? It's because pre-written lyrics are usually better in quality than rapping on the spot.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The youngest priest in the Diocese of Baton Rouge has a couple of confessions about his religion and his music: He did not just like the Catholic Church as a youth, tried for years to run from his calling as a priest, and would Rapping not want to be identified solely as the "Rapping Priest." "And searching on the Eucharistic prayer, I knew it was God, that it was Jesus Christ.

"I was raised Catholic, however I simply never liked the Catholic Church rising up. I assumed it was boring, and I did not understand it," said Johnson, a local of Baton Rouge whose rapping has brought him a measure of renown on YouTube and social media. Johnson's largest problem with the church was with the Eucharist: "I by no means believed that it was the body and blood of Jesus Christ that the Catholic Church teaches." "That night time in adoration, when the bishop uncovered Jesus Christ with the Eucharist, all I might say was it was God's grace that overcame me," Johnson stated.

Yea i agree with threadstarter..its not like country singers write songs about how theyre higher country singers than the next dude....Lol. Its like michael jackson making songs about how hes the very best singer and dancer within the would all assume its wack....solely in hip hop will we give nggaz passes for doing dumbass st... These days rap has been along for what looks as if endlessly, and for artists to not get previous this idea of "rapping about rapping" to me appears nearly as performed out as rapping about cash, vehicles, clothes, hoes, and so forth.