Xiaomi 4C Reviews with Display 1080P is entirely affordable

Today , we will talk a hot android smartphone Xiaomi 4C which is belong to Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi 4C is popular with many Chinese people. There are some `reviews about Xiaomi 4C below.

Cost-effective, CPU efficiency is excellent. 1200 yuan 1080p's display is not 5.2 inches wide because it is the stuff of millet mu6 program can be. Heavy cost, cost cheap, the right size display sometimes complicated don't know is the program reason, or a machine, millet video regular cards, writing sometimes not so delicate. Overall fairly sleek, suitable with the market almost all software, cellular to telecommunications Shuang Hao tidings to cards gently put to network just ~ 2.3.4G just how all support! WIFI recipient indication powerful! Revealed more character than other cell phone, speed quick, light and portable and practical holding and best feel a hand control, sound very excellent boosting than previously, day time photography effect is excellent, night almost, battery power is excellent, heavy use.

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