Technical needs and application worth Brief Vehicle LED display

Car LED display as a more innovative marketing information and facts media, furthermore to store big amounts of text messages by means of the built-in microprocessor to control the text, font display, and also other advantages to achieve timing show outdoors, but also spread everywhere move fully out on the conventional display "line" of the constraints, it has the characteristics of flow visualization, and so much respected by the new media advertising.


At the technical level, due to the fact of their distinct application atmosphere, it demands Car or truck LED display merchandise in comparison to standard outdoor LED display significantly larger, need to have moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold, corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, but in addition over-current, brief circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection functions in order to turn out to be certified LED display board.


These days the commercial operation from the most significant "audience" and "attention", is such an interest economy demands spawned LED display board. Car LED show with real-time efficiency, flexibility, mobility, high-capacity novel characteristics, the LED show around the stationary some "visual fatigue" of customers, this new strategy has been favored by the customers. (led lane signals)


Right after market evaluation, audience concentrate LED display board, LED show board for the bus, as an example, can provide essential information for the passenger automobile line information, and so forth., also to outstanding advertising impact, the bus is still a city public One of many most important means of transport to travel, passengers everyday more than a lot of millions. It multiplied the amount of men and women carrying the big, the auto ten minutes' ride leisure time "leisurely boring, if just before it flows overflow colour show for broadcast news, entertainment body, climate, advertising data, and so on., which species just before the initiative to "spoon-fed" study the media can maximize attract the interest of passengers, and achieved a very good marketing impact. (led traffic signs)


LED display board either bus or taxi LED display board, they've a wide audience, the marketplace possible in the frequent qualities in the item as soon as the significant scale marketplace, which includes a large audience in addition to a low expense of marketing media will attract many businesses, industry and commerce, advertising, customer focus, government departments can also use it to carry out public welfare aspects of publicity.