4 Things Culinary School Teaches You About Healthy Eating

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Maximize the Color

To make sure your vegetables keep their colorbecause nothing is a bigger turn-off than gray, lifeless veggiesblanche them in boiling water for 30 seconds, says Cohen. Then shock them in a bowl of ice water before cooking them. Pretty food is just more appetizingand the more appealing you can make veggies, the more of them youll end up eating.

Find Better Ways to Add Flavor

Restaurants are notorious for adding boatloads of butter and salt to food make it taste good. Fat carries flavorthats why butter adds so much to a dish, says Cohen. But there are other fats that can help flavor, like olive oil and coconut milk. Experiment with some healthier options until you find one you like.

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Dont Skip the Finishing Touches

Here is a step that looks and feels extra-fancy but couldnt be simpler: Before you send a plate to the table, hit it with a final squeeze of lemon or lime, or throw some chopped flat-leaf parsley on top, says Cohen. Its an easyand healthfulway to give meals that extra something-something. Parsley has become my go-to ingredient. The way salt enhances flavor, especially with meat, parsley adds a blast of bright, green, vegetable flavor to any dish. I used to think it was dumb eye candy, but now I cant live without it.

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