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The NBA and NHL times are moving perilously near to the end, but it remains unclear who will emerge as champion. Detroit appears like an enormous favorite within the NBA, but pretty much such a thing can happen in the NHL. To get extra information, please consider looking at: my boxing on dvd. *All times Eastern. Wednesday, May possibly 1-5 Baseball, Chivas USA at New England (night, FSN) Youll have difficulty finding something better than this Major League Soccer challenge, if youre up at nighttime on a Monday. MLS may not quite captivate the nation, but games are always close and if you would like to bet o-n the game, it'll stay interesting. Tuesday, May possibly 1-6 Leaders at Astros (8:05 p.m., local/satellite) The nonsense should have died down about Barry Bonds because he'll have handed Babe Ruth, but this is still a fascinating matchup between likely playoff teams. Houstons fortunes may possibly rely on Roger Clemens, nevertheless The Rocket wont be in this collection, so Bonds must have plenty to hit. Friday, May 1-7 Nba Conference Semis (TNT) In the NBA the conference semi-finals are sometimes the top line and which could well be true again-this year. Things out west are wide open and virtually any game is going seven games, although Detroit looks easy. Friday, Might 18 LPGA, Sybase Classic (1 p.m., USA) Things have gotten a lot more interesting about the LPGA tour using the emergence of numerous young people to obstacle Annika Sorenstam for tour domination. Visiting boxing dvd seemingly provides tips you might give to your family friend. The players have also gotten a lot better-looking and more than a few are dressing to impress sponsors and attract a male audience. Friday, May 1-9 Boxing, Yusaf Mack versus Alejandro Berrio (9 p.m., ESPN2) The undefeated Mack takes on Berrio within this super middleweight bout. Mack really keeps some thing called the UBA light heavyweight inter-continental title, but that meaningless champion won't be on the point here. Saturday, May possibly 20 Boxing, Marc Antonio Barera versus Rocky Juarez (10:30 p.m., HBO) Barera, who has fought an amazing 65 times, blocks his super featherweight subject against Juarez, who has an extraordinary 25-1 record. HBO may also show the under card of Jorge Barios versus Janos Nagy in a super welterweight round. Wednesday, May 2-1 PGA, The Colonial (3 p.m., CBS) Kenny Perry won this event last year by a absurd eight shots. He also took the title in 2003, establishing a course record both times. Boxing Dvds includes supplementary resources about the purpose of it. He's to be one of the favorites to go all again since he appears to have the number of the program in Fort Worth, Texas..