How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You

Now if this post is going to sound cocky and most likely even a bit chauvinistic, my apologies. Because that's what this subject is all about!

Most guys think that it is extremely difficult to get a girl to have sex with them, and then there are a few who believe they can have sex with any girl on the planet. The fact is that each these 'types' are completely disillusioned about the fairer sex. These who believe girls are tough to get are underestimating themselves and placing an nearly sacred tag on girls. Girls, following all, are human and they have their requirements too. Those who believe girls are simple are plain stupid. The middle path is what functions here.

The reality is that no girl is too difficult or too simple. It just depends on what you are and how you method them.

Did you know that if you approach a girl, she makes up her mind in about 15 seconds whether or not she will ever have sex with you? Yes, that's precisely what it requires. 15 seconds. They don't appear at just your body or your garments or the way you speak but they look at the entire 'you'. They appear at you as a individual. The factor that goes in their minds is-"Will I be in a position to inform my friends about this adventure with pride?"

Accurate, for girls it is more about feeling good about a specific encounter and then becoming in a position to inform their buddies about it. If they feel great about you, they will be much more forthcoming when you propose them to have a night with you.

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So, work on your character, and then on your approach. If you are only looking at how to get a girl to have sex with you, this is all that you will require. Also, be yourself, don't imitate others illogically. Each man is defined by his personal style and that's what ladies like.