International Universities in Bangkok

International university, what does that mean? In the Thai context, this term is used to spell it out an institute of higher education where English may be the language of instruction. In most cases, it could be more politically correct to speak about ielts preparation jakarta colleges, faculties, or programs, which are elements of existing Thai universities. But the issue is: "why English"? The reply is quite simple. It is because English is the lingua franca of the present day globalized world. It is a common language found in the publication of scientific research. It is also prevalently found in conducting international business. People who understand and speak English well have great advantages compared to those that don't. In Thailand, English is a de facto second language. Even though the law does not recognize it as such, but it is indisputable that lots of Thai companies require their workers to speak English, aside from foreign companies and corporations. Also street vendors in Bangkok can easily speak English, however minimal, to talk to their customers of varied national backgrounds.

Given numerous opportunities that are the by-products of the ability to speak English, many college students seek various means to enhance their English skills. Hence emerged the solid demand for post-secondary education in English. To be able to meet with this demand, top universities in Thailand started developing English programs, and later on they established as international universities. This enables for a broader selection of education as most books and countless types of educational publication can be found in English. Most of these international universities can be found in Bangkok and its own metropolitan peripheries. The list following is comprised of some well-known universities in Thailand where English is the vocabulary of instruction (in alphabetical order).

Chulalongkorn University
Chulalongkorn University, or simply Chula amongst Thai speakers, is situated in downtown Bangkok, right in the centre of commerce recognized to all Thais and foreigners as Siam. It is within a walking length from the BTS SkyTrain, which enables easy option of the campus. Many Thais have confidence in the prestige of the institute as it was established by among the Chakri kings of the past. The university offers a number of undergraduate programs in English. These programs are categorized according to the faculties to which they belong. It really is notable that fees between Thai citizens and foreigners differ substantially. The university requires varying scores from one of the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or CU-TEP. They are the courses offered by Chula at the undergraduate level:

Faculty of Commerce and Accounting
International Business Management

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Science
Applied Chemistry

Faculty of Engineering
Nano Engineering
Automotive Design and Manufacturing Engineering
Information and Communication Engineering
Aerospace Engineering

Faculty of Architecture
Architectural Design
Communication Design

Faculty of Communication Arts
Communication Management

Faculty of Arts
Language and Culture

Faculty of Psychology
Psychological Science

Mahidol University International College
Mahidol University International College or MUIC is part of Mahidol University, a renowned institute of higher education named after Prince Mahidol, the daddy of King Rama IX. Its main campus is located in Salaya, but it is easy to get at via the Salaya Hyperlink, a shuttle bus program between Wongwian Yai BTS station and Salaya supplied by the university.