What are the common mistakes that professionals usually make in iPhone Apps?

With rapidly developing new trends in IT industry, IPhone apps have played a big role in bringing new advancements. This is why it has become world’s biggest market for iphone application with millions of employees and customers.
Some of the most popular cities including in Manhattan,iPhone apps developers are working continuously in developing new applications as well as updating old the applications.
However, in order to develop an application, it is essential to procure proper knowledge along with strategy and skills. Prior to becoming a developer, one has to be trained and make sure that they are well skilled in the area for performing task.
Apparently, even after becoming skilled, there are certain mistakes that the developers commit mistakes at the time of development process or even at the time of deigning an iPhone app.
Well if you want to know about the mistakes that the developers usually make, then following are some of the mistakes listed below-
Here are some common mistakes developers or designers make:
<>···Testing –last but not the least, before launch of any application that developers develop, they forget to test the application. However, one should test the application for its usability, as it is essential before launching the application.
The developer should follow these few things at the time of developing an application so that the clients are able to use the application without any problem.