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Phone Insurance - What You Need To Know About Claiming A Policy Insurance for iPhones is probably something, in hindsight, I should have researched and taken up months ago. Why? Because I finished up losing two iPhones within the space of 3 months. And I wasnt insured! Thats a high priced little mishap there females and gentleman! Please dont result in the same stupid mistakes that I did. Why wasnt I insured? Because I refused to pay for the outrageous amount quoted through the traditional companies. Last time I checked it turned out around A�15 + VAT per month. I still refuse to spend that much. As if its not already getting worse, here now comes a new stream of malicious codes that can cripple your iPhone. Said to be produced by an unknown 21 yr old computer geek, the modern worm virus called "ikee" is spreading in Australia and infecting many Apple iPhones with deadly precision that if it isnt really controlled can effect more units in the US and throughout the UK. Its now when insurance comes in handy. If your iPhones insured you will not hold the headache of covering all of the costs yourself. The insurance will cover the damages and look after fixing the unit to suit your needs. It can be a bit daunting to know what to do and where to take your iPhone. Dont worry, it its insured, youll be able to relax. So, whenever you are planning an iPhone insurance do jot down all the stuff that you are expecting out of it then spend some of the time in choosing a plan that covers most of the needs. Even if you are required to spend more to pay for your needs dont hesitate to decide on that policy. This tiny amount of money that you are spending now could help reduce expenses amount of money if you are going for a claim. If you were to go without insurance for your iPhone, you would run the risk of delaying the purchase of a new cell phone whether it ended up being to get stolen or suffer accidental damage. This is mainly due to the fact nobody has these kinds of money lying around when the unexpected does occur. Many people dont have this amount budgeted inside their weekly expenditures, which ends published here up in waiting months to get a new phone.