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When it comes to a genuine high class Russian escort experience in Mumbai, we like to provide you with all the necessary options to maximize your enjoyment. European fans will feel right at home on this page, with all of our gorgeous Foreign female escorts. Each one has class and elegance drilled in them, and when one of these elite Russian escort girls enters a room, you can be sure heads will be turning.

Russian girls in general are some of the hottest in the world, from dark blonde vixens to platinum blonde models. We have such a variety of blonde haired female escorts at Recruit Gold that you are spoilt for choice; we have a girl for everyone here. Russians are usually stereotyped as fun loving, extrovert and out-going, a stereotype that all of our girls certainly adhere to. People often question why there is so much of a demand for hot blonde girls; the answer can be seen in a simple stat which shows the percentage of natural blondes in the world is as small as 2%. With these girls being so rare compared to others, it is no surprise they have developed an aura of prestige and being seen with one accompanying you is often seen as a sign of accomplishment.

Marilyn Monroe once said “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.” A quote that epitomizes that Recruit Gold strives to deliver, we deliver a service dedicated to your happiness to your happiness and fulfilling your desires; all of our elite European escorts are more than willing to comply with this whilst maintaining a class and sophistication that creates the foundations of what we do.

There is often a misconception and judgement that all blondes are ditzy and dumb, this could not be further from the truth when it comes to our Foreign escorts. Recruit Gold guarantees can guarantee our escorts are well-educated, excellent to converse with and have a general classy demeanour that destroys the ‘dumb blonde’ typecast. Along with these great characteristics our Russians all have beautifully tanned and well-toned physiques, and with shimmering blonde hair they are truly breath-taking.

Many of our Foreign female escorts have a wealth of experience in what they do, from modeling, entertaining and hosting. All these factors combine to offer you a companion that has the ability to hold her own in all social circles, and look absolutely stunning while she is doing it. Recruit Gold prides itself on offering you a Russian escort in a discreet fashion, once you have met your companion you will soon discover their beauty is much deeper than being aesthetically amazing. Each girl has a genuine warmth and desire to make you happy.

Many people associate blonde girls with mystery, something that we cannot argue with, all our girls are very enigmatic and you will find yourself desperate to find out more about them. The mysterious nature of our models should not be misconstrued for ignorance, they are more than willing to open up to you and have great pleasure in deep conversations with you. When it comes to something more private and intimate, the European escorts we offer lose all sense of mystery and you get exactly what you desire from them.

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