Can pest control come inside apartment without notification, take pictures inside of my apartment, and send pictures to the landlord?

You should understand what you are being told. When you move the landlord would replace the carpet.,using your deposit. Of course the other options based on your statement is to get rid of the unauthorized dog.

Depending on how much it cost to replace your carpet could use up all your deposit, after which they would expect you to pay any addition amount of replacing the carpet as well as any other damage or repairs necessary.

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Apparently you were not allowed, or did not have one when you moved into your rental unit, however, you

decided to obtain one any way.

When the pest control team was in your rental unit they took pictures of the carpet, as they represent the

landlord during the inspection.

Based on the picture the landlord or property manager informed you, your deposit would be held to replace the carpet.

What should you do? Are you able to come up with additional funds to pay for the carpet if your deposit would not be sufficient to cover the replacing of the carpet, as well as any other damage and repairs needed once you leave the rental unit?

If the answer is no, you might would consider getting rid of the dog.

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I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.