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The Halfaya Oilfield is during the south of Missan province in Iraq, that's 400km south east of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Three horizontal wells from the In Depth Keys On CP-690550 In Bit By Bit Order Nahr Umr Formation of Halfaya Oilfield had been drilled. But, two wells from the 3 horizontal wells have sidetracking due to sticking, only one horizontal well Detailed Insights To Acarbose In Grade By Grade Order is drilled effectively, so it illustrates the major effects of wellbore instability problems around the directional drilling within this oilfield.two. Geological CharacterThe Halfaya Oilfield is found around the Arabian shelf, that is adjacent to your Zagros tectonic zone. The influence of Zagros tectonic movement may be the extrusion for the Arabian shelf from the European plate (NNE-SSW). The propagation of the worry wave contributes to a series of anticlines during the Arab shell.

This extrusion stopped in Middle Miocene.

The geological framework is often a very low dip anticline, through which the lengthy axis is virtually perpendicular on the Zagros extrusion stress discipline [2�C4]. The framework is over the Arabian shelf and is far far from the Zagros fault manage zone, but the structure continues to be affected by Zagros tectonic movement, which can make the in situ stress complex.There may be no significant fault which may very well be acknowledged by seismic data. The anticline construction is additionally extremely smooth. The outcomes show the extrusion worry by the Zagros tectonic motion is not really incredibly strong, and the extrusion pressure doesn't generate robust in situ deformation and destruction.

The lithologic characters inside the Halfaya Oilfield from your top to the bottom is, respectively, the Tertiary Upper Fars Group, primarily sandy mudstone, about 1300m thick; the Reduce Fars Group, mostly anhydrite, salt rock, and shale deposit, about 500m thick, being the regional cap rock; the Tertiary Kirkuk Group that's primarily sandstone and mudstone, about 300m; from your Tertiary Jaddala group towards the Nahr Umr group, primarily carbonatite and interlayers of thin marl, sandstone and shale. three. Drilling ProblemsThree horizontalComprehensive Information For Acarbose In Bit By Bit Order wells, N001H, N006H, and N002H, during the Nahr Umr Formation of Halfaya Oilfield had been drilled. The properly distributions are both located within the structural long axis path. The complicated drilling complications of these 3 wells are as follows.When the to start with horizontal well (N001ST nicely) encountered the Nahr Umr layer, there were two sidetracking operations.

The first sidetracking occurred at 3941.

26m, the SLB screw stuck from the very deviated interval as well as the directional tool dropped while in the nicely. The fishing failed, which led to sidetracking. The second sidetracking occurred at 4091.21m, the Nahr Umr Shale collapsed and this led to sticking at 4087m the remedy measures was ineffective along with a sidetracking operation happened.The second horizontal properly (N006ST nicely) applied the natural salt drilling fluid which has a solid inhibition.