At your once a week Cabinet meeting :

1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made your next remarks:

"We tend to be inside the midst of your wave of terrorism originating coming from systematic along with mendacious incitement relating to the actual Temple Mount incitement by simply Hamas, the Palestinian Authority as well as the Islamic Movement within Israel. This specific weekend I ordered the mobilization of 16 Border Police companies in order to revive security and also order. That is easier to mobilize massive forces to cope with possible developments, as opposed to do so following the fact, so we will call up a lot more forces as necessary.

Today I will hold an additional meeting in order to advance government action against the Islamic Movement inside Israel. I won't tolerate internal incitement. We uses almost all implies at our disposal contrary for you to the instigators from just about any direction. Within this regard, note the words involving incitement and also violence more than the actual weekend uttered through Israeli MK Hanin Zoabi within Hamas's official journal (al-Risala). Here is what the girl said: 'Hundreds of thousands of worshipers should go up to Al- Aqsa so as to become able to face down an Israeli plot for your blood involving East Jerusalem residents. today there are actions only by simply individuals along with what is needed can be well-liked support. If only individual attacks continue without having popular support, they will sputter out inside a couple of days. therefore your outpouring of thousands of our individuals can make these events the real intifada.' This wild and also deceitful incitement can become a distinct contact in order to violence. This is severe as well as I will not ignore it. This particular morning I contacted the Attorney General to be able to immediately open the criminal investigation against MK Zoabi.

At my instruction, the us government these days will approve legislation for minimum prison sentences regarding those who throw rocks and firebombs as well as fines for minors in add-on for you to their parents.

I want to wish a speedy recovery towards the civilians, policemen as well as soldiers have been wounded inside latest days. Also, I want to commend the safety forces, police, border police, the particular IDF as well as the ISA for their dedicated and tireless actions for the safety associated with Israel, and also I particularly need to commend the particular citizens associated with Israel regarding their own impressive display associated with vigilance, determination as well as composure."

2. Within accordance along with inter alia the actual recommendation regarding Public security Minister Gilad Erdan, the particular Cabinet made a determination to appoint Ronen Alsheich, currently serving as Deputy Director with the ISA, as Inspector General of the Israel Police, successful 11 November 2015 (and until 11 November 2018), in position regarding Acting Insp.-Gen. Ben-Tzion Sau who's concluding his responsibilities as Acting Inspector General. Click on here pertaining to further details.

3. Pursuant to become able to Article 4a with the 1961 Kadis Law, the Cabinet selected Minister David Azoulay as an additional government representative about the Committee for your Variety associated with Kadis.

4. The Actual Cabinet approved draft amendments to the 2015 Public Broadcasting Law. .

5. The Particular Cabinet unanimously approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal for you to impose minimum prison sentences on people who throw rocks, firebombs and also fireworks, and to impose fines in minors in addition for you to their parents.

6. The Particular Cabinet discussed the particular arrangement between the State associated with Israel as well as the Jewish National Fund. .

7. Protection Minister Moshe Yaalon, Public security Minister Gilad Erdan, a new senior ISA representative, Israel Police Acting insp.-Gen. Ben-Tzion Sau and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat briefed ministers upon current terrorist events throughout Jerusalem along with around the country.