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Floor to dust and added to the tongue, this crystal had been made use of as a cure for indigestion. Another belief had been that turquoise had the ability to guard the wearer from injury from dropping, especially dropping from horse-back, which it made the horse more sure footed. Sapphire features very long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. In Asia, turquoise was considered as efficient defense from the bad attention. In powder, peridot was used as a remedy for symptoms of asthma. Other individuals have actually evolved and mutated as consequence of the input of various other tradition as they came into contact with the other person. One myth (most likely of Greek source) informs of a storm god throwing a bolt of lightning on rainbow that finished their violent storm. Additionally, a really preferred jewel to Ancient Egyptians. Jewish high priests considered diamonds to choose the purity or shame of accused: a stone held before a guilty individual had been supposed to lifeless and darken, while when held before an innocent one to radiate with additional brilliance The Romans wore diamonds mainly because had been thought to possess wide magical abilities over life s difficulties, being able in particular to give towards user power, invincibility, bravery, and courage during struggle. The custom holds that Moses was presented with the ten commandments on tablets of sapphire, making it probably the most sacred gemstone. Kings, in past, led the battles on battlefields wearing heavy fabric breastplates studded with diamonds and other precious stones as it was thought that diamonds possessed God-given magical qualities and capabilities far beyond the understanding of typical guy. Reportedly, Cleopatra dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and consumed it, simply to win a wager with Marc Anthony that she could eat the wealth of a whole nation in just one dinner. In a specific instance of emerald s use, as a measure against ills, women using the rock were considered to be immune from epilepsy. Plato blogged about diamonds as residing beings, embodying celestial spirits. During the black years, gallant knights usually wore pearls onto the battleground to guard all of them from damage. A surprising number of virtues have already been ascribed to emerald. Floor to a powder, the blue rock had been considered to heal colic, rheumatism and emotional infection, and also to improve vision. When held beneath the tongue, it was considered to decrease the thirst in temperature. After his advise, Roman emperor Nero wore emerald glasses to look at the gladiators. The ancient Greeks thought that it had the ability to increase one s strength and also make its wearer hidden in cases of disaster. Just what gemstone might make heroes more powerful? Ancient tribes used the gem as bullets for blowguns, plus it was said that a pot of liquid would boil instantly if a Ruby was tossed into it. incontri per adulti