Beautiful Beach In Ubatuba

Ubatuba is strictly on the distinct the Tropic of Capricorn (23°50'46"S 46°37'47"W), surrounded southeast by the Atlantic Ocean and northwest through the Serra do Mar mountains and it is forests.
It's a place that has to remain visible and enjoyed.

Along its nearly 100 km of winding coastline, you can find nothing more than 92 beaches. And remember that, it is difficult to find the most breathtaking.
To visit no less than the superior ones, you should stay for a week or so.
In cases like this, you can stay at an accommodation or perhaps an inn, or you can rent a home for season, with regards to the what number of individuals are involved.
Typically, renting a residence costs less and much more comfortable.
Bills . these wonderful beaches, Itamambuca, an extended and praias sp, is distinguished by lush nature, with deep green, and the confluence of three rivers of clear water.
Also, Itamambuca is globally renowned for hosting national and international championships of surfing.
The river Itamambuca - superior water and sandy bottom - forms a lake before flowing into the ocean. This is a real treat for the kids! The fishes are visible to human eye.
Sport fishing is permitted, although hardly any committed.

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