Cut the cost of medical equipment

In economically, difficult times an injury or surgery can be devastating unless you know how tocut the cost of medical equipment. Like most activities, planning can save you a lot of money, headaches and get you healing faster as well. Before you go buy everything you need, consider some suggestions that can guide you in good directions and get the medical equipment you need.

1. Consult with your attending doctor or health care professional about the medical equipment you will need for comfort, safety and necessary healing from your health issues at hand.

2. Ask at the doctor's office if any medical equipment you'll need is available for you to use from the office. Many times the answer will be yes and you can return it when you do not need it anymore.

3. Inquire at the local Lyons, Eagles, American Legion, Senior center and AVFW (American Veterans of Foreign War) etc to borrow items you feel comfortable asking to loan.

4. If you will be having visiting or home health nurses after your hospitalization, find out if their supply of equipment includes anything you can use for the duration of your recovery.

5. Check local newspapers for ads of scooters, walkers or any other assistive devices you temporarily will be using. Sometimes the cost is minimal in comparison to buying new.

6. More companies are renting medical equipment. Below are 9 to search on your computer for your medical supplies from head to toe.


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i. Place your medical needs in the search box.

Here is wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.