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Set in the north west of the Canary Islands, La Palma is one of the Canary Islands smaller islands. A popular destination for tourists looking for sunshine and peace and quiet, La Palma is a particularly well vegetated island, yet also has its fair share of mountainous terrain and volcanoes. Ideal for anyone looking to just chill out on one of the islands beaches or for lovers of hiking, the island is the perfect place to explore in its entirety in your low cost hire car.

A relatively small island, with a total population of an estimated 85,000, La Palma is the sort of place you can really get to know if you take the time to get out and about in your hire car. Santa Cruz de La Palma, which is the capital of the island is based in the east with an estimated population of just short of 20,000 and is a pretty coastal town with a good selection of shops and cafes as well as a bustling local market.

Puerto Naos on the opposite side of the island is one of the main tourist villages on the island and although there is a wide range of bars and restaurants, there are no discos or night clubs, reinforcing the islands commitment to calm. The beach at Puerto Naos is a picturesque affair with the characteristic black sand often found on the Canary Islands. So why not take the chance to really explore in your low cost hire car?

With a good selection of restaurants to be found on the island, the focus is more international than local, with most cuisines being represented. That said, La Palma is well known for its small village festivals which take place throughout the year and are a veritable cornucopia of dressing up, dancing and generally fun-having by all generations.

Situated on La Palma island, not far from Santa Cruz de La Palma, La Palma Airport is a primitive affair, more geared up to serve inter-island flights than international flights. That said, there are a handful of international flights which land at the airport. The terminal building, which is a two storey affair has caf