Zipline Adventure in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia in the Lesser Antilles is a vacation destination with activities for all interests. On our last vacation there, we joined an excursion and spent the afternoon zip lining with Soufriere Hotwire Rides at Morne Coubaril Estate, about an hour's drive from our resort at l'Anse Chastanet. There were four of us in the group, who were all zip lining for the first time, and this zip line adventure was a perfect introduction.

Morne Coubaril is an old sugar plantation, which still functions as a farm. In addition to the Hotwire Rides, visitors can also tour the plantation and the great house, see the working sugar mill, and eat a St Lucian lunch in the restaurant if they wish. Since our schedule was constrained by our pick-up time, we only did the zip lining, but I would recommend other visitors take time to tour the estate, the plantation owners' house, the workers' village, and the sugar mill to really get the feel of what life might have been life for the slaves on the plantations in the tropical heat before emancipation in 1834. The breezy verandahs and stately grace of the huge white house still owned by the Monplaisir family impressed me across the shady green lawns, speaking with a dark edge of privilege, social and political influence, and wealth.

As I zipped across the jungle canopy having fun, I found myself asking to what extent these old colonial families with names of European origin still sway the political and cultural realities of contemporary Saint Lucia.

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