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so my opinion but first some background...

I'm a retired veteran of a US Army Band with a bachelor's degree in music that included 3 years of collegiate marching band. I've been a musician since about 1972 (elementary school).

In high school I ran track and cross country. I ran a marathon once (it only takes once). I was a competitive swimmer in international competition. I've coached swimming at the USS, YMCA, and NCAA-II levels.

That said, marching band is not a sport. Not in the sense of athletic activity at least. Also, some of the things you describe your band doing in SC are considered hazing in this state. Push-ups, for example, have no direct relationship to marching band improvement and I doubt that you have a trained coach out there to make sure you do them right and prevent injury. Hazing, not athletics. Sports have coaches who are trained in human performance improvement - band directors are not trained coaches (with few exceptions).

While marching band (and all musical ensembles) has more in common with athletics than they do with an academic class; it lacks some of the important considerations that would allow it to be identified as a sport per s.

If we identify marching band as a sport, we then have to train (and pay) music teachers as coaches. This isn't something we do presently. We would also have to put a trainer or two on the practice field (which we don't) and redefine how we conduct "class". These issues will not be supported by music educators since it would eat into their positions deeply.

My music education philosophy is that "band is not a class, it's a team activity" -- the typical band director disagrees vehemently with this notion. Partly because, if it's not a class then you don't get school hours to do it. And if marching band is a sport because it is competitive and team oriented, then symphonic band is as well. In fact, all musical ensembles are a team activity and not an academic class (my opinion) and should be taught by performance improvement specialists (coaches) using coaching theory and not educational philosophy.

note: "Trumpet Discipline Leader wants to be in the Marines" that's not a qualification for anything at all - how is that a credential? If I wanted to be a brain surgeon but wasn't, would you let me look around inside your head?

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